Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Decide What You Pay

Guest Post: Lindsey at Saving $en$e

     We cannot control the economy, or the weather, but what we can control is what we pay for groceries!  Forget the negativity, and focus on what we CAN control! Make a decision-- Get your coupons, Learn the ropes, and get organized! Once you're in the driver's seat, then you are in control!
      Don't buy an item just because you have a coupon... Watch your store's sale cycles and stock up when the items are at their lowest sale price. By stock up, I do not mean to take over your children's bedrooms in order to store boxes of cereal or jars of pickles that you will never eat! Stock up only means to buy enough to last your family for about 6 weeks! That's all! Remember to keep it in perspective. For example.... no one needs 30 taco kits (unless of course, you have a really HUGE family, or that's all you eat!) Most families only eat tacos about once a week, or less... Therefore, you will only need to purchase 4-6 taco kits. Why should you stock up? It makes much more sense to buy  taco kits when they are on sale for $1, than it does to go back when you need another and then end up paying $4 for one kit! Don't you agree? Another example is laundry detergent... I would rather buy 2 or 3 bottles when it is on sale for $2.99, than go to the store when I need it, and end up paying $9.99! But that's just me... You decide what you are willing to pay!

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