Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Plan an Organizing System Before Starting a Project

Although this article really has nothing to do with saving money, it does have a great deal to do with effective housekeeping. I believe that if you're organized, you'll be more efficient. If everything has a home and you routinely place things back in their home, you'll spend less time looking for things and wondering where they are.

I stumbled upon this article for planning an organized space. I've done something like this before, especially with planning organization for my dorm room in college. I also did this when organizing our home office, as there were lots of things that had to be put in. It was very important that they were all able to function as well.  Most of the time I just think  through something in my head instead of actually jotting all of this down.

It's funny because I'll be sitting in my living room and instead of watching T.V., I'm considering ideas for moving furniture around and where things will go. I'll do this for a few weeks until I'm set on it, and I pretty much know exactly what I want. Then one day, Justin will come home and everything's different. It's amazing how much strength you find when you really want to do something.

I did this with our bedroom also... before I would fall asleep or when I would wake up before getting out of bed, I'd think about our room arrangement. Then one day I decided to move it all. Justin had to help me with the bed, but I put everything else on those slider things and moved it all around myself! Yep, in the past month, I've re-arranged two rooms in our house!

Happy Organizing!

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