Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time-Saving Tuesday

I don't know if this "Time-Saving Tuesday" will become a regular thing or not... I just wanted to share with you my tip from this weekend actually. I do hope are enjoying our blog's new features though!

On Sunday, I spent some time preparing lunches and snacks for our family so that we can grab-n-go, but still have healthy options. This is also a wonderful idea for families with kids who need lunches for school. It only takes about half an hour at the most and it saves 5-10 minutes each morning. It also saves your kitchen from getting messy each morning, while you're trying to get ready, clean up, and get out the door.

Here's What I did:

I laid the plastic bags on the clean counter. I placed a slice of bread on each bag.
I spread some of the slices with mayo, left some without, and spread a few
more with peanut butter.
Then I added turkey to the ones with mayo and without.
I added pickle slices from the whole dill pickle I had left to the non-mayo sandwiches.
(I was a little afraid that the pickle would leave the bread soggy, but I placed the slices
between the turkey and the cheese so it worked well.)
I added cheese and mustard smiley-faces like always.
I added jelly to the peanut butter sandwiches and another slice of bread.
Then, I spread mayo on the top slices and added it to the sandwiches.
I added bread to the non-mayo sandwiches as well.
Then, I placed all of the sandwiches in the bags, and labeled them with post-it notes
"No Mayo" or "No Pickles" so we don't have to examine them before we grab them each day.

I also fixed some snack bags:
I've been craving Kiwi lately, so I bought several last week when they were on sale here.
I've just been getting a little frustrated because I don't remember Kiwi being this difficult.
I'm finding it very hard to peel them and even eat them, which is quite strange to me.
Anyway, I decided to peel them and slice them all at once. I put them in plastic bags as well
so they'll be easier for me to grab and eat. All the work is done already!

I also sliced and cooked some smoked sausage. I cubed a bar of cheese, and placed these
together in bags for snacks as well.

I washed some grapes, took them off the stems, and placed them in bags for snacks too.

I also divided the pretzels we had into bags so they'll be easy to grab and take with us.

I'm searching for some little plastic condiment containers with lids so that we can have sliced apples with caramel sauce, strawberries with chocolate sauce, and celery with peanut butter. I haven't found
them yet so this will just have to wait until another week.

As you can see from the picture, I placed all the sandwiches and refrigerated snacks in
plastic shoe boxes to keep my fridge organized.You can also take a look at the two
blog posts I used as my inspiration here and here.

This was a good start for me though!
Hopefully these ideas will help you save some time too!

Do you have any time-saving tips to share? Email us at sistersandsavings@gmail.com!

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