Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saving is a Mindset

Guest Post: Lindsey at Saving $en$e

     I have been couponing since January 1, of this year!!! I know, Quick Learner! Right? If you're amazed, you have a right to be, especially if you know me at all.... I tend to be kinda "blonde" at times! With that being said, you can learn how to save just like we have.
     Once you learn how  much you can save with coupons, it tends to become a way of life... I will not go back to life BC (Before Coupons!) Besides, it pleases God when we learn to be better stewards of the resources that he has blessed us with! (It also pleases our husbands, Bonus Points!)
      I save on groceries every week, but saving on shopping trips is just as much fun, if not more fun!! So while shopping at "The Avenue" in Collierville today, my mom and I decided to check out "Charming Charlie", which is a cute store filled with any costume jewelery you could possible want. Very reasonably priced, too. (Average of $6-12 per piece) So we are going through the store picking up a couple of pieces each to buy...
       Then we find it............................The clearance section!!
     God knows what we need, (or in this case, want) and he can make it happen. There was tons of jewelery marked  down to..... drum roll, please...$1.00! Yes that's right!! $1.00! Everything that we had previously thought about purchasing had suddenly become too expensive! Isn't it funny how God changes our minds for us! We left the store with a lot of really cute jewelery, and with spending very little!!
      You can go shopping and have lots of fun without breaking the bank!! It's all about the mindset!!

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