Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Exciting News

We've got news to share, and it's news that we're really excited about! This is something we've been researching and learning about so that we can teach more families the art of couponing!

We've had so many people from so many locations ask us if we were coming to their area any time soon to do a workshop. We've also had people say, "I hate that I missed your workshop. When is the next one?"

We will soon be offering e-courses to teach the art of couponing! We've already written one e-course, and we're in the process of writing a few others now. We're hoping for them to be available to you by September.

This is going to be so cool because you'll be able to learn how to effectively use coupons without ever leaving your house, and we'll be able to teach you how to effectively use coupons without ever leaving our houses too! We'll present you with all of the information and be able to use online resources that we haven't even been able to show you at all of our workshops and home parties. We'll also get to use audio and video as we present the information to you. You'll be able to ask questions as we go through the information as well.
It's just going to be awesome!

Our plan is to offer different classes as well. "Learn to Coupon" Workshops & Home Parties usually last about two hours because we have A LOT of information to present to you. We're considering breaking all this information into categories to teach it in small doses like "The Basics of Saving", "Drugstores 101", and "Coupon Organization".

We'd really love your input as we're in the process of creating these courses so please feel free to leave comments below or email us at!

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  1. I think breaking the information into individual courses/small doses is great! You have SO much good information to share with others, and it is hard to take it all in in just the time span of a home party.