Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Blog: "Learn to Coupon with Sisters & Savings"

To our readers & guests of our "Learn to Coupon" Workshops & Home Parties:
We want you to know that we're really excited about our blog, and we're really working hard to get it going on a regular basis. Read some of answers to questions from a blogging class we're taking to see the direction our blog is heading. Feel free to offer your comments & suggestions below!

What is our blog abo
ut? What will be the main purpose of our blog?

Our blog is mostly about saving money by using coupons effectively. We offer "Learn to Coupon" workshops & home parties to teach women how to use coupons, but we'd like to be able to post daily deals, weekly ads, and more of our own tips for saving money.

We'll also use our blog to share our dreams and goals and how we are working to achieve those, especially when it comes to being financially free. We'll share our cleaning and organizing tips, as well as meal-planning and general home-making ideas.

We want this blog to be long-term, something we will continue to do for years.

Do we want to teach others with out blog? Do we want to entertain?
I thinking teaching others the art of couponing is probably the sole reason we started our blog. Ultimately we want people to learn how to be good stewards of what God has given them by spending their money and using resources wisely. Eventually, we'd love to offer E-books on the content of our blog & E-courses to teach the art of couponing as well! Entertaining is not a main goal, but we do hope to keep our readers interested enough for them to keep coming back to read more!

Will our blog be purely recreational or do we plan to make money blogging at some point in time?
We both began couponing as a necessity, but it soon became a hobby. As we were having fun doing our hobby of couponing, it also became a business. We didn't plan for that. It just happened. But why not? Why not make money for doing something we love doing? We started our blog to be able to keep ongoing relationships with guests of our "Learn to Coupon" Home Parties & Workshops. We want to offer them more resources to help them with their couponing and saving money in all aspects of life. We don't want to, in any way, charge people to view our page, but it we happen to get compensated for posting a deal that our readers are interested in, that's great. I think it would be nice to supplement our incomes by doing something we enjoy, but ultimately it's about our guests and our readers, providing them with a new tool to use.

Do we have ideas to drive traffic to our blog?
We do. We've played around with the idea of daily posts like Sunday Savings, Thrifty Thursdays, Money-Saving Mondays, or Friday's Freebies. I think our readers will be seeing more of these kinds of posts in the near future, and we hope that it will encourage them to come back to see more!

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